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4 “Healthy Foods” That Really Aren’t Healthy

Getting healthy has always been trending and now healthy foods are more accessible than ever. Except, some foods that claim to be healthy, aren’t. 1. Store-Bought Kombucha Some Kombucha drinks are high in sugar, if you make your own you can monitor the amount of sugar content. So just make sure you check the label […]

5 Ways To Improve Your Shape

Cardio Cut Certain Foods Drink More Water Pilates Gut Health 1. Cardio Cardio helps burn fat by aerobic exercises. There are plenty of different cardio exercises to choose from like HIIT, Bike Riding, Dancing, and more. When you work out consistently you burn calories, helps strengthen your heart and muscles, controls your appetite, helps you […]

Join Tava for Free, Purchase a Bottle of Vale30 and get Access to Discounted Pricing

For the month of October, Tava Lifestyle is waving their enrollment fee with a purchase of Vale30. Vale30 is a liquid multivitamin that helps with joint and bone health. Valé30 is also packed with vitamins D3, B1, B12, and B6. Check out the supplement and ingredient list here If you are looking for a home-based […]


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