4 “Healthy Foods” That Really Aren’t Healthy

Getting healthy has always been trending and now healthy foods are more accessible than ever. Except, some foods that claim to be healthy, aren’t.

1. Store-Bought Kombucha

Some Kombucha drinks are high in sugar, if you make your own you can monitor the amount of sugar content. So just make sure you check the label before purchasing.

2. Pre-made Smoothies

Honestly it’s best to make these at home, or a smoothie/juice bar. Since store bought smoothies have to be pasteurized if it is fruit-based most of the nutrients have been decreased. If you have to pick one up then get a vegetable smoothie that isn’t pasteurized.

3. Acai Bowls

Acai is high in antioxidants but you’ve never seen anyone eat an acai bowl with just acai. So just be careful with the toppings that you add or it’ll be a bowl of sugar.

4. Store-Bought Granola

Look at the first 5 ingredients, if you see a lot of sugar, stay away.

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