Microwaving Beauty Blenders???

I have no idea how this trend started, but I wanted to try it and see if it actually worked.

Now you are supposed to clean your beauty blenders or any beauty tools at least once a week especially if you are using them on a regular basis.

But honestly sometimes instead of cleaning 50+ brushes or a bunch of beauty blenders sometimes it’s easier just to buy another one than to clean the ones you have so this hack has actually made it very easy and I also feel like you’re getting a deeper clean because of the heat and dish detergent.

So how do you do it’s super easy

This is before…??? Sooooo Dirty!!!!!

Blender beautyBeauty blender

Step 1: Squirt Dawn or any liquid detergent that cuts grease into the bottom of the microwaveable bowl

Step 2: Place your beauty blenders in a microwaveable dish. You can clean them one by one or place them all in a bowl.

Step 3: Fill the bowl with water to cover the beauty blenders.

Step 4: Place the bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds. If the sponge is still dirty, microwave an additional 30 seconds.

Step 5: Let the beauty blenders cool then rinse with warm water

Step 6: If beauty blenders are still dirty repeat process.


Dirty beauty blenderDirty beauty blender


I repeated the process twice and this is the only way I clean my beauty blenders now.

I feel like I get a deep clean and all of the concealer and foundation that has been caked on for weeks disappears.

Microwave Beauty blender Microwave Beauty blender Microwave beauty blender


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